Get Organized!

Yep, I finally did it! After over a year of having the luxury of a maid clean my house (usually once a week), I decided to jump back into the cleaning arena.

I’ve been keeping busy with taking care of Ethan, directing the Christmas and Easter choirs and helping lead worship at church, and the typical household chores. But I really let the house cleaning fall to the capable hands of our maid.

Well, with baby #2 on the way and other bills/debts taking priority, we decided to cut back to having our maid come every other week. But I didn’t really change my routine. Oh, I still got the dishes washed and clean clothes put away, but the dust would pile up and the floors got pretty dirty (not to mention the toilets and, well, everything else!)

So, last week, I finally started getting organized!

Lists and Charts

I’ve had lists and charts for years – chores, menu planning, groceries, to-do’s – but I needed to get motivated again.

My hubby has offered numerous times to help out more around the house, if only I would let him know what he could do on a more consistent basis. He already would jump in and tidy the house, make the bed, put Ethan to bed and change diapers (often!) … but he wanted to do more!

(I know, I’m the envy of all you women reading this post!)

Also, we want to teach our kids that every family member is expected to contribute to our family goals. And one of our goals is an efficiently run household.

So, what was I waiting for?!

I spent less than an hour surfing the web and pulled up a few chore charts. (Then I remembered that I actually had some of my own from several years ago.) I combined the ideas of both and … I created a new Chore Chart!

Getting Motivated

It seems silly, but putting a check in that little box totally motivates me!

Consequently, the house was picked up and clean every day, lunches and dinners were served on time, AND I got a lot of work done for both of my blogs.

What a relief!

Now, I’m happily charging through my weekly and monthly chores, feeling so accomplished.

Like I said …

maybe it’s silly, but it works!

And I’d love to share my charts and lists with you (which also can be edited), so click on the links below to download your copy for FREE!

Chore Chart

Grocery List

Menu Planner

I’d like to know what helps you stay motivated. Will you write a comment below? (It’s nice to know someone actually reads my posts!)



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3 responses to “Get Organized!

  1. Very nice post today. I have an article on my website for tips to increase your motivation. I published it on Yahoo so have a look see if you want.

    It’s very important to get organized but once you accomplish this you can see the world in a whole new light. Have a great day.

    You have a great blog here thanks for sharing. I subscribed also.

  2. I don’t have a problem in getting organised….when I apply myself it comes naturally. 🙂 (I am thankful for that!) In my job it’s automatic and is one of my biggest assets, from my boss’ point of view.

    At home….well things are different there. There is only me to organise and feed, and sadly only me to do the chores (which often rank lower in the pecking order than resting to keep the back happy).

    I generally work off lists – shopping list (on fridge, when I think of something it goes straight on), ‘to-do’ lists. If it’s random things with no set timeframe, I find it hard to motivate myself. However, when there’s certain things that all have to get done say one one weekend, or before a certain event (holiday, visitors, cake project), the lists come out. If I need to plan 1-2 months ahead – like when I have 3 or 4 cake projects on the go – I will print calendar pages, with a box for each day, to mark out when I need to do what (sort of like a Gantt chart). I’m a visual person and like to be able to “see” how my time is laid out.

    And yes, ticking boxes, or items off a list, is highly satisfying. 🙂

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