Building a Business Blog Tip #2: Be Strategic

Six basic questions for bloggers

Now that we’ve both gotten over the shock from finding out that blogging doesn’t make money, it will be much easier to move forward with building a business blog!

And since my previous method of business blog creation:

  1. have great idea
  2. write about great ideas on new blog
  3. someday, figure out how to make money with great ideas

was completely unlikely to produce any revenue, I quickly concluded that a new blogger must …

Be Strategic

OK, I admit, that’s probably really obvious to all of you business geniuses out there. But for those of us that are new to blogging for income, well, I had to wise up.

And if you’re new to the scene, hopefully I’ll save you some embarrassment and time by helping you learn how to do it, too!

Essentially, I realized that:

I have to sell something, or I won’t have a business.


As a music educator, I sold my time, knowledge and skills as a musician to teach students to play the piano, the flute, and to sing. As a business blogger, what would I sell?

Well, I started asking myself A LOT of questions. And the more I asked and researched and read other people’s blogs, the more I realized that not only did I need to know what I would sell, I needed to answer the six basic questions in order to be strategic:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. Why?
  6. How?

I knew if I could answer those questions (especially the “How”), then “someday” would actually become “soon,” and I would be able to make money from blogging!

So, here are my answers:

  1. Who? Music Educators
  2. What? Business Resources
  3. Where? My new website/blog
  4. When? Launch date: February 2013
  5. Why? To earn income and help other music educators
  6. How? Printables/Downloadables, Advertisers, Affiliates, eBooks, Memberships, Consultations, and other brilliant ideas that will cross my mind in the future

Yep, that’s my goal! And to reach that goal, I had A LOT of research that was piling up on my desk and in my “Bookmarks”!

Which leads to tip #3 in my next post …

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