Building a Business Blog (What I’ve Learned Along The Way)

Turn your blog into a business

So, you want to create a blog that can make you money? That’s what I’m working towards, and I’ve learned A LOT so far.

And the best part is …

I’m going to share what I’ve found with you.

Yep, that’s right. I’ll give you one tip with each post, starting today.

Of course, you could do all of your own research and spend hours bookmarking (and organizing) tons of information, like I have. I won’t stop you! Or, you could be smart and learn from me instead.

When I started this personal blog, it was all about journaling about stuff that interests me. But isn’t that why I don’t have many readers? It’s all about me!

I don’t have anything to sell and I’m not trying to make money on Dare to Re-Dream. But even though I haven’t launched my business blog yet, I thought, “What am I waiting for? I might as well put all this great research to use!” Maybe I’ll even get more readers.

(By the way, I’ll still throw in a ‘journal’ post here and there for my current readers. So, don’t give up on me now. Maybe you can use these tips for your personal blog, too!)

So, here’s what’s happening:

  1. I’ll give you one tip with each post, and links to other reading material in case you want to do the research yourself, or know my sources. (Subscribe on the top right to make sure you don’t miss out on any of my future tips!)
  2. I’ll be implementing the ideas and techniques that I’ve learned along the way (actually, I’ve done a lot of those things in this post already!).
  3. Also, I’ll post my stats each week so you can see if what I’m saying works.

I won’t lie though … I’M NO EXPERT. I’m just another blogger like you. But hopefully, you’ll see a difference in my blog in the next few months – and I’ll get more readers! More readers translates into more customers, right? (That is, if I actually had something to sell.)

I don’t know how many tips I’ll have, but here we go …

Building a Business Blog Tip #1:

You don’t make money blogging

Are you totally bummed right now? I was too, when I read David Risley‘s awesome post, “Reality Check: A Blog Is Not A Business.

I TOTALLY followed the steps he said most bloggers take – well, I was working on #3 when I wised up. Thanks to my entrepreneurial husband, everything Risley said made sense!

This is what I originally thought … I had a great idea and I would start a blog to write about all those great ideas. Then someday, I would figure out how to make money with my great ideas.

Why would someone pay for my great ideas when they can likely find those same ideas for free somewhere else? And exactly how did I expect that to make me any money? It didn’t matter. All I cared about was getting started! (Read my post about it here.)

But back to Risley’s post … by the time I got to the end, I was completely convinced that what he said was true.

“If you’re not selling something, you don’t have a business.”

David Risley

And that’s when I started thinking differently about my business blog.

Read my next post to see what I’m doing differently now.

Or, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any of my future tips! (Sign up above on the left in the “Email Subscription” area or click the “RSS Link” if you prefer.)

Posts in this series:

    1. Building a Business Blog Tip #1: You Don’t Make Money Blogging
    2. Building a Business Blog Tip #2: Be Strategic

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  1. Great tips, looking forward to your future posts. 🙂

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