Embracing change!

It’s happening again … late nights doing Google searches, restless sleep, and waking up early because my mind is buzzing with ideas. But it’s a good thing!

After a couple years of hearing my husband, M., talk about his various ideas for us (translation: me) to share our ideas with others via blogging (which I started doing after a year of encouragement) and to hopefully earn some income doing it, I’ve finally caught the bug. I was always skeptical about earning money from writing my thoughts. I mean, really, who’s going to pay me for that?!

Being an entrepreneur, M. has so many fantastic ideas that are totally doable – I just wasn’t getting excited about them. Like … writing an ebook about “Moving to Mexico”, or “Having a baby in Mexico” (I got a little more excited about that one), or “Personal Transformation: My Raw Food Journey” (hmmm, that one sounds interesting, too). But I didn’t have a desire to write a whole book, or even a booklet about any of those topics. They have made great blog posts, though.

But a couple days ago, he hit on something I can really dig into and get pumped up about! It got me thinking all day, late into the night, early the next morning … well, you get the idea. What about an ebook about the business side of starting a private music instruction career? Or starting a small church choir? OK, I know those topics aren’t interesting to everyone, but I also know there are a lot of music teachers that have wonderful techniques to teach but really struggle to keep their studios running efficiently and profitably. And I know that there are tons of small churches that have a church pianist or singer or music leader that want to start a choir, but don’t know how.

Both of those topics are all about educating others in music – which is what I totally have a passion for! And that is why I got so excited! (Can you picture me with a big smile right now?)

The point of all this is that I’m daring to re-dream again. I believe we go through many seasons in life. Right now, I spend the majority of my time at home being a mom and wife. I also have the privilege of being involved in music at our small church, but I’m fairly limited in my outside-the-home availability. After many years of teaching and being heavily involved in music in many different ways, this has been a BIG change! But, I love it! I wouldn’t exchange the time I have at home for anything else! However, maybe I can take advantage of that time to share my experiences with others, and even earn a little money doing it.

So, I’m making plans to start a new blog focused on educating others in music and to eventually use that as a platform to launch an ebook or two. It’s very invigorating to have a new goal to work towards. And I mean, work! I know it will be a year or two before I see any profits, but I’m OK with that. After all, isn’t it the changes in our lives that make things interesting? I do hope to go back to teaching private lessons one day, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this season of my life and let those experiences lead me down a new path.

Change – it’s the only constant in life!



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3 responses to “Embracing change!

  1. I think that’s a superb idea Clara! It’s a beautiful thing when you are passionate about something and can help others who share that same passion grow from it as well. I know you will do very well for yourself smart lady 🙂

  2. i got excited about it and i’m not even into music! fabulous idea….your passion for it came across instantly! i ditto tim! 🙂

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