So, I’m trying out a new look. I got tired of seeing the same design for my blog, so I poked around wordpress themes and found this one. I hope it’s a little cleaner and will grab more viewers. Being a very visual person myself, if I don’t like how a blog looks, I often skip over it. And conversely, if a blog catches my eye, I’ll have a look around!

Which reminds me, I recently got a new look. The change is pretty minor, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. Can you tell what it is?



Yep, it’s the bangs. For some reason, they make my hair look darker. But I’m still the same “au natural”.

So anyway, I hope you’ll poke around my blog and enjoy some reading in the new look. And while you’re at it, help me out …



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One response to “Makeover

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask if you’d coloured your hair darker….now I know it’s just the bangs. How weird – in a good way. 🙂

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