A Day in the Life of … and the Art of Saying “No”

I’m sitting at the computer with droopy eyes, listening to my 5-month-old son’s oohs and grunts while Daddy rocks him back to sleep. It’s been a great day, but I’m tired! With each passing week, I’m getting more of a handle on being a Mom and juggling my new responsibilities. The biggest adjustment has had to take place in my mind … not thinking I can do all the things that I used to do! (That “Wonder Woman” syndrome keeps making appearances in my life – ugh!)

But, I’m happy to report … I have accomplished several of the things on my “To Enjoy List”:

#1 – Working on Ethan’s baby quilt (and other miscellaneous projects)  on Tuesdays with a friend during our quilting/sewing day

This is Tuesday … my friend came over from Guaymas … we sewed! (though not on the baby quilt, I did work on a couple of those miscellaneous projects)

#11 – Finishing Ted Dekker’s Circle Series by reading “Green”

Read the last page last night and I was looking around today for what to read next. It’s an awesome book!

#10 – Blogging at least once a week

I’m doing it right now!

But the most exciting one is … #4 – Using Baby Sign Language to communicate with Ethan (hoping that he signs back!)

Tonight just before bedtime, M. was playing with Ethan on the bed and I went in to the room to feed him. M. signed “milk” and asked Ethan if he wanted some milk. We both caught sight of his little hand opening and closing (we think). So exciting! He’s starting to imitate our signs!

As I read over my list again from last post, it seems overwhelming to think that I’ll accomplish all 21 items, considering that my typical day includes the mundane, such as:

  • a round the clock two-hour cycle of feeding (during which I sneak in my reading) and diapering Ethan
  • rocking/nursing him to sleep 3-4 times daily for his 30-40 minute naps
  • washing a load of cloth diapers (and our clothes, too!)
  • folding and putting away those diapers and clothes
  • buying groceries once or twice a week
  • preparing 2-3 meals (sometimes M. makes breakfast or lunch for us)
  • eating those meals (yum, yum!)
  • washing the dishes by hand
  • tidying and cleaning the house (no more weekly maid … sniff, sniff)
  • taking a shower (most days)
  • a morning run three times a week, and usually an afternoon walk with Ethan and our dog, Dude

So, with all the “everyday stuff” that’s needs to get done, I’ve been learning to expect less from myself or come up with compromises for the social activities that used to be a regular part of our lives. It’s not just 2-year-olds that are good at saying “no” – mommies have to learn the art of saying “no” when appropriate. It sure makes my day a lot smoother!


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One response to “A Day in the Life of … and the Art of Saying “No”

  1. Shannon

    Oh yes. It’s crazy being a stay-at-home mom, huh? I want to blog again too, but alas, I can’t do it all, and really, I’m happy to get the laundry done lately. Congrats on breastfeeding the little guy for 5 whole months without solids! That is a feat considering he won’t take bottles. I had 2 like that. And yes, just enjoy the little things. Sometimes there are only a few of those moments each day, but it’s good to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Love ya, friend.

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