Wonder Woman … or The Invisible Woman?!

As I washed the dinner dishes this evening and scraped up the ebelskiver batter drippings off the stovetop, I was thinking of all the things I am looking forward to and involved in this “season”. (Having been a school teacher and private piano/flute teacher for 15 years, I still think in terms of the American school year when planning and looking back on life events.) We are hoping to travel again this summer from July through September – the hottest months here in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. That means 5 1/2 more months to enjoy the rest of winter and spring, before heading out.

I also realized that it’s been awhile since I last blogged. Actually, it’s been two months and three weeks! Which makes me “The Invisible Woman”! (Do you remember the H.G. Wells book, “The Invisible Man”?)

Yikes! Does being a new mom of only one child really take up THAT much time?! I don’t know how working moms (big shout out to single moms, especially) maintain their sanity. It seems like you really do have to be  “Wonder Woman”!

Life with cool superhero powers could be …

Getting the laundry washed, folded and put away by wiggling my nose (I guess that was technically a witch, not a superhero) … and … Making lunch and dinner while baby sleeps peacefully and having it on the table by noon and five every day, ready for hubby when he walks in the door, by being able to move as fast as lightning … and … Keeping my son from crying in his carseat while driving by being able to entertain him with my elastic arms (think, Mrs. Incredible) … and … Transforming from dowdy homemaker to sexy housewife after completing my morning exercise in record time (oh wait, that’s called having a personal hair stylist and make-up artist!).

Turns out, I’m no Wonder Woman! (But I did make matching Wonder Woman T-shirts for a friend and myself when we went to Tennessee in 2010 to run the Nashville marathon. Does that count?)

 I still have a list of things I’d like to accomplish – or at least enjoy – before summer gets here. Perhaps I’ll even be able to blog about all of them … many of them … well, some of them, at least!


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One response to “Wonder Woman … or The Invisible Woman?!

  1. Always good to see you blogging! (I have a couple of posts stewing in my head, but, not making it top priority to write…must do).

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