Summer Road Trip – Part 4 (Garden of the Gods and more, CO)

Quick recap …

We left San Carlos on Sunday, May 29th, and returned 5 weeks later on Sunday, July 3rd.

Day 1-8 – San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, to Flagstaff, AZ; 648 miles

Day 9-10 – Flagstaff, AZ to Elizabeth, CO; 708 miles

Day 11-13 – Colorado Springs, CO

Day 14-15 – Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Elizabeth, CO

Sitting in my living room after a relaxing yoga class, with the AC on and a fan blowing a cool breeze across the room, makes it hard to imagine how busy we were while on our road trip. We had lists and lists, and more lists of things to do, places to go, and people to see.

Balancing Rock in Garden of the Gods

Imagine not doing your weekly errands for six months, then trying to squeeze them all into a few days while traveling around the country. Going to the bank, rotating the tires and other car maintenance/repair, retrieving boxes from storage, washing the motorhome, mailing and FAXing important documents (like taxes), ordering items online and hoping they arrive at the right place in time, purchasing items needed to outfit the motorhome, purchasing items needed for our Mexico home … and the list went on!

We also wanted to enjoy our friends and have some fun! Thankfully, M. was able to go on two long bicycle rides (38 miles and 20 miles) while I hung out with Sharon. I did miss my favorite running paths and hiking the Incline, but being seven months pregnant and living at sea level does not lend itself well to hiking and running in altitude while on vacation!

We also took Sharon and her family to visit Manitou Springs, an artsy mountain community of nearly 5,000 people, located at the foot of Pikes Peak (14,110 feet) and near Garden of the Gods. Manitou Springs is a great place to have a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the locals!

Outside the coffee shop in Manitou Springs, CO

Sharon and her hubby with M. and I in front of Pikes Peak

Before leaving Colorado, we spent our last night in Elizabeth with M.’s friends. We had a great dinner with them, then headed out early in the morning. In a couple days, we would be in Yosemite!

Our last Colorado dinner


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