Having a baby in Mexico – Part 5 (Full moon and five days left)

Five days left … and definitely counting!

Of course, you never know when a baby will arrive. Apparently, they are on their own schedule. I’ve read so much conflicting information over the last several months, that I have my own conflicting ideas about some of the pregnancy and birth related events. For instance, babies of active women tend to be leaner and come earlier, but babies of first-time mothers generally come a little late. So, I guess I’m back to my due date. And is my due date (as based on my last menstrual cycle) August 14th or (as based on the date of conception … yes, I do know it!) August 16th?. The doctors use the menstrual cycle, but I am holding out as August 16th being my due date. At any rate, I really want our baby to come early! I’m ready to have this little one be in my arms, instead of in my belly!

Oddly enough, I’ve lost a few pounds since my last doctor appointment 10 days ago, though I’ve read that it is not uncommon in the last few days or weeks to lose weight during pregnancy. I certainly don’t feel any lighter! I also have a lot of pressure in the pelvic region and my baby seems to like doing his water aerobics in the evening while I’m on the couch blogging or watching a movie with my hubby. He certainly moves a lot throughout the day and seems to be weaseling his way down toward the birth canal! I even felt a bit nauseous today and had pain from my butt down the backs of my legs this morning upon waking. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! 

Today, I had what will perhaps be my last doctor appointment while being pregnant. As I mentioned in my last post, Having a baby in Mexico – Part 4 (Final Countdown), Dr. Chavez did indeed want to check my cervix for dilation and effacement. When asked what the purpose would be, he gave two answers that boiled down to: 1) it is routine at this stage of a pregnancy and 2) for information. We asked if he had any concerns and he said no, so we graciously declined (read Part 4 if you don’t understand why I would decline). He seemed a little disappointed, but didn’t push the issue. And again, another ultrasound was performed. Everything looks good – placenta, amniotic fluid, baby’s position, baby’s size, baby’s health and mother’s health. So, he said we simply wait for the baby to arrive!

Full Moon Baby

The other interesting phenomenon Dr. Chavez mentioned is that I will likely have my baby this weekend due to the full moon on Saturday! After doing a little online research, there appears to be contradictory information and studies about the truth of the statement, “There are more births during full moons.” On the Discovery Fit & Health website, an article entitled, “Are there really more births on full moons?” by Julia Layton, cites evidence for both sides. Two studies, published in 1959 and 1966, showed correlations between higher birth rates and the “full moon window” — the day before, day of and day after a full moon. Later, she says, “But as you get deeper into the scientific study of the connection between birth and the full moon, it quickly becomes clear that these studies supporting the lunar effect are an anomaly. The vast majority of evidence reveals the lunar effect to be myth, not scientific reality.”

Then Layton introduces the idea of “cognitive bias, which is a psychological phenomenon in which people absorb all evidence that supports their belief and ignore all evidence to the contrary.” Hmmm, have I done that? Of course! I tend to look for evidence and articles to support what I want to believe or do. Why not?! I believe it is our nature to look for information that correlates with what we want to be true.

At any rate, we’ll know in a few days if my baby thinks he should arrive during the full moon window or not!

“Full Moon Baby” art piece by Maily Neart.


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