Having a baby in Mexico – Part 4 (Final Countdown)

Night out at Ruby Wine Bar

I’m only one week away from D-day (due day)!

It’s 4:37 a.m. and I can’t seem to sleep through the night anymore. About every third day I wake up around 3:30 a.m. or so and lay in bed for awhile before giving in and getting up. I’m hungry, have to pee (again) and sometimes uncomfortable, so I don’t fight it. I usually crawl back into bed a couple hours later, snuggle with my sweetie, then sleep a few more hours. Not to mention naps during the day. It’s very frustrating, though!

I have a doctor appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Thankfully, my translator will arrive back in Mexico today after being in Canada and the U.S. for five weeks. (I kept telling my baby that he had to wait until after August 10th to join us!)

Our last few appointments with our new doctor, Dr. Chavez Coronado, have gone well. He is very thorough and always takes his time asking us questions (through our translator) and answering our questions. He seems comfortable with our desire for a natural, unmedicated birth. Of course, the true test will be during the delivery!

After being gone ourselves in the U.S. for five weeks on a road trip, we came back to Mexico, anxious to see the doctor again and make sure the pregnancy was progressing well. I had been feeling plenty of movement from the baby, but I was concerned that he was head-up, instead of head-down, based on the lumps and bumps I felt in my tummy. After a few days of being back and settling into our new house (we moved into a different rental just before the road trip), I gave the doctor a call to schedule an appointment.

Surprise! The doctor was full and was leaving for a two week vacation in a few days! Not cool! If I waited until he returned, I would be at 38 weeks, and my last appointment had been at 28 weeks. I had a Mexican friend call the secretary and explain (in Spanish) that I really needed to see the doctor before he left. Thankfully, he squeezed me in on his lunch hour (34 1/2 weeks along)! Unfortunately, we didn’t have our translator with us, so he called a friend in to translate. What a blessing! Based on our questions, he told us that a C-section would be necessary if the baby was not in a head-down position for the delivery. Not good! But as soon as he put that ultrasound machine on my belly, he reassured us that everything looked great with the baby’s position and progress!

Yes, I receive an ultrasound at each appointment. This is standard in Mexico. While I don’t believe it is completely necessary, I also don’t have a strong objection. There is research on both sides, saying that minimum ultrasounds during a pregnancy are better – also dependent on the type of machine being used. You’ll have to decide for yourself!

Anyway, we had another appointment last week (38 weeks). He said the baby is “ripe” and in perfect position! He has dropped (which I thought was the case based on the often uncomfortable pressure in the pelvic region) and everything looks healthy. There are even little white dots floating around in the amniotic fluid, which he told us means the baby is ready. (My friend was guessing that it is the vernix starting to shed.)

So now I’m one day past 39 weeks and will head to Guaymas to see Dr. C. again tomorrow. He mentioned last time that he wants to do a vaginal exam to see if the cervix is dilating (opening) or effacing (thinning). However, I plan to decline. From all of my research, checking the status of the cervix before labor has started is really of no benefit. A pregnant woman can have a dilated/effaced cervix of various states for days or weeks before starting labor. So, why bother having an uncomfortable procedure done that can possibly allow bacteria into the birth canal, when there is no valuable information learned? I do not plan to be induced, and I haven’t passed my due date (which is relative anyway). Dr. C. has said that as long as the placenta, baby, and mama are healthy, there is no reason to induce and he is happy to wait until labor starts naturally. So, why check the cervix?

The other concern is that some doctors will break the membranes (amniotic sac) early to try to get labor going. This is definitely something I DO NOT want. So again, what is the point of being up there to begin with?! Well, I will find out tomorrow …

Good night (or good morning) for now. It’s 5:28 a.m. and I’m going to try to get some zzz’s!



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2 responses to “Having a baby in Mexico – Part 4 (Final Countdown)

  1. Excited for you! Praying that all goes well!

  2. Doug Coe

    We are praying for you and for your little one. Thanks for keeping us informed. Love ya!

    Doug and Annette Coe

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