Maternity Skirt Tutorial

If you read my previous post, you might be interested in how I actually made the maternity skirts, so here is a quick tutorial. (I’m using pictures of two skirts to show all the steps.)

Maternity spring skirt

Items needed: pretty skirt, camisole in coordinating color made of stretchy material, sewing machine, creative spark, and courage to try something new

Thrift store spring skirt

1. I started out by putting on the skirt (with the zipper open), looking in a mirror, and penciling in a half moon under my belly. Caution: don’t go too low or too wide, as this will make the “secret panel” too loose. I made that mistake with the all white skirt I adjusted first. A valuable lesson learned! I kept the side seams intact and started the half moon about 1/2″-3/4″ to the inside of the seam.

Pinning and basting

 2. Pin together the skirt layers or pleats as shown. Next, baste about 1/4″ under the pencil drawing. Then cut on the pencil line.

Cut along pencil line after pinning and basting

Camisole for creating the "secret panel"

3. Now use the half moon cut-out (shown above the skirt) to measure the “secret panel” that you will make from the camisole. Place the waist edge of the cut-out skirt piece along the bottom seam of the camisole (shown on the top, since the cami is upside down). Cut out a similar size half moon from the camisole, using only the front of the cami. (You can use the back of the cami for another skirt!)


White skirt with cami cut-out above

4. Pin the cami cut-out to the skirt, right sides together. I started at one side along the waist, then pinned the halfway point (the bottom of the half moon) and carefully manipulated the cami cut-out to fit along the skirt in between – similar to how you would sew a sleeve on. It’s a little awkward, but worth the effort to line it up correctly!

Voila! You now have a lovely skirt that will be the envy of your pregnant friends – especially when you tell them how little you spent on it!

Finished spring skirt

The finished look!









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