Maternity clothes – a necessary evil

So, ladies … who else thinks that maternity clothes prices are outrageous?!

Here’s my journey to find an alternative …

I have been fortunate to gain most of my weight in my belly alone, so I didn’t need to get maternity clothes until around four months pregnant. Yes, my pants were tight, so I used the belly bands (I think I bought Bella Vonna Belly Bands from ebay) and just unzipped those pants/capris/shorts. That worked for a couple months. But, the belly kept growing!

At three months along, I took a trip to California to visit friends and family. I had decided it was time to actually purchase real maternity clothes. Fortunately, after several unsuccessful attempts (prices too high or wrong season clothing for Mexico), my Mom and I stumbled upon a great little maternity section at Burlington Coat Factory. I believe we purchased about 12 items for around $100. Not bad! I also found a couple comfy cotton shift dresses at Buffalo Exchange. They aren’t “maternity”, but they fit great – still!

However, time continued on and my belly kept growing – of course! I can no longer wear the maternity capris, shorts, or pants I bought. It is way too hot here and the thick elastic band on the shorts is too tight now. I had only one skirt left that fit. It was actually an ankle length black skirt that was always a little big, so I simply cut it off to knee length and hemmed it. (In the photo of B. and I at my baby shower).

So, what does a girl do? Get creative!

I figured that other women have probably run into the same problem, so I looked up some tutorials on how to sew my own maternity skirts. This one is particular inspired me to take the plunge and start cutting!

At five months pregnant, I purchased several cotton skirts at a thrift store for $3-4 each.

The black skirt I simply hemmed to knee length (it was originally mid-calf) and removed the tie at the waist (pregnant belly plus big bow in front = bigger belly!). Since it has an elastic waist already, it fits great and will fit after the pregnancy, too.

The two white skirts needed more adjustments, so I bought a stretchy cami at Ross for around $5 to turn into the “secret panel” waistband.

With the help of several other women’s blogs/tutorials, I began my project.

Snip, snip … sew, sew … and …

I now have three skirts that work great and cost me a total of less than $20! Now, that’s what I call a bargain!


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One response to “Maternity clothes – a necessary evil

  1. Well done, Clara! Great idea!
    I just got sewing machine, but I’ve been too intimidated to do anything with it. Time to bite the bullet!

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