Having a baby in Mexico – Part 1 (We’re pregnant!)

After my Cardio Pilates class this morning, two ladies asked how I liked my doctor here. That got me thinking about our journey so far with this pregnancy.

Easter Sunday

I am currently 24 weeks and 2 days (or 6 months) along. I’ve gained 15 lbs. and 6 inches around my belly (and a few inches in other places!). I’m feeling quite good these days – just needing naps most afternoons. Exercising is getting more challenging, and thus I’m becoming less motivated. However, continuing to go to classes at the gym and be with others while eeking out that 24th crunch or 12th bicep curl really helps!

We found out we were pregnant the week after committing to buy our sailboat, Gitana, a 39′ Irwin Citation. That certainly wasn’t our choice for timing, but I suppose babies come when God gives them to us.

We had gone up to Anthem, AZ, for me to participate in a triathlon on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Unfortunately, I had gotten sick with a cold a few days prior to leaving for Arizona, but I still wanted to go. To top things off, I realized that I was a few days late and my breasts were feeling tender. Yes, the light bulb went off, but I didn’t say anything to M. – yet.

I mentioned the possibility of being pregnant to M. the night before the race, but he needed time to digest the news. We had wanted to get pregnant and were not preventing, but hadn’t expected to conceive so quickly (only three months). I had surgery two-and-a-half years previously (which you can read about on my post, Re-Dream? What’s that?) to correct some infertility issues.

So, the morning of the race I went to the pharmacy and bought the tell-tale pregnancy test. Of course, the + sign popped up awful quick and we knew we were pregnant! At that point, we were both very excited and knew that God had given us this baby at the right time – His time!

Yes, I still completed the race and just went slowly if I didn’t feel well. For those of you interested, it was a sprint triathlon and here are my times:

400 m swim (.25 miles in a lap pool) – 8:36

20 k bike (12.4 miles) – 50:32

5 k run (3.1 miles) – 30:04

for a combined total of 1:29:12.

Back to the pregnancy …

We went home to San Carlos with a boat and a baby coming – only six months after moving to Mexico!

And so we began our journey toward parenthood (and sailing)!


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