Meeting M.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of when M. and I met … well, sort of.

We met on Easter 2009, but the date was April 12th that year. We were living in Colorado Springs at the time. I was going through a divorce and a friend, S., called to invite me and (ex) over for Easter lunch. (I hadn’t seen her for a few months, so she didn’t know my situation.) She had already invited M., knowing that he was going through a divorce and didn’t have any family around.

Side note – Interestingly, S. & hubby, M. & (ex)wife, and (ex)hubby & I, had all attended the same church in southern California, but I had never met M. So, three years after moving to Colorado, I met him at a mutual friend’s home … and it wasn’t even a set up!

M. and I enjoyed chatting that Easter. He talked about his plan to move to San Carlos, Mexico, and buy a sailboat. Being raised overseas, I thought it sounded exciting and asked a lot of questions. Apparently, that was quite unusual! Most women he had talked to weren’t interested in living outside the U.S. – especially in Mexico – and weren’t keen on sailing or living a partially nomadic lifestyle. So, I caught his attention.

We started talking on the phone about everything – the challenges of going through a divorce, our relationships with God, our friends, our hobbies and interests, things we wanted in our futures, M.’s plans for a cruising lifestyle. We started re-dreaming together. Of course, talking led to seeing each other … which led to dating … which led to getting engaged one year later at S.’s house!

Since meeting, we have had many adventures together. Hikes, dinner parties with friends, camping trips, exploring new places, motorcycle rides and trips, mountain biking days. Here are a few pictures from our adventures in the U.S.:

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We have had many adventures together in Mexico, too, since moving here last June. But, since I have so much to tell, I’ll save those pictures for future blogs.

Disclaimer: We have many ordinary days, too – working, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping, preparing meals, taking the dog for walks. And our ordinary days are wonderful because we enjoy them together!

“Life is an accumulation of mostly ordinary moments –

with glimpses of the spectacular.”

~ Florence Falk, On My Own, p. 176


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