Playing dolphins

We had another great day sailing in the Sea of Cortez. After being out for an hour or so, we had visitors!

Four beautiful dolphins swam toward our boat and began playing near the bow as we were sailing through the water. As they got close to the bow, they would turn on their sides and look up at us through the water. These were the first dolphins I’ve seen up close, so I was loving it! (M. had seen pilot whales during a guys weekend up sailing up to San Pedro Island. Read about his adventure here.)

Even Dude, our chihuahua, was enjoying their company!

They stayed with us and played in the water for about 45 minutes. Then they glided away in pairs, their gray backs undulating up through the surface, then down again. We are so blessed to have this amazing lifestyle. The opportunities for incredible adventures are endless!

I’m looking forward to seeing more marine life as we continue to sail farther from our home in San Carlos. In winter, we are hoping to either cross over to Baja California and perhaps stay in La Paz, or sail south to Mazatlan. With a baby coming, we will wait to see how good our sailing skills are before deciding. Not to mention the biggest factor involved – WEATHER!

For now, we will continue to enjoy local day sailing and perhaps some overnighters.

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