Running away from ‘Comforts’

Yes, I admit, I do miss many of the ‘comforts’ of home.

  • I miss health food stores.
  • I miss having so many (healthy!) restaurant choices that I never get bored of eating out.
  • I miss bookstores and coffee shops.
  • I miss clothing stores and second hand stores.
  • I miss the convenience of having anything I want within a 30 minute drive.
  • I miss dark chocolate
  • I miss hiking The Incline
  • I miss my family and friends, most of all!

Of course I miss my family and friends! They can never be replaced by other people. Everyone is unique and touches a particular part of our souls. But, I’m not focusing on people right now, I’m just talking about modern and material conveniences.

I was reading a blog last night that mentioned a book by Jerri Nielsen called Ice Bound. The blog went on to describe Jerri as “a doctor who volunteered to spend a winter at the south pole – a life on the very edge of existence where thin air and extreme cold were a constant threat to body and mind. Jerri was able to find people who appreciated her for who she was rather than what she looked like or how much money she had.”

And I love this next part:

“When your life is defined by simply whether or not you’re still alive, and what you can contribute to the society, a strange thing happens. Walls break down. Barriers are destroyed, and your soul can be free.”

Now, I certainly love a hot shower and a blow dryer as much as the next gal, but I’m finding that I’m missing things less and less as we continue to live a simpler life that is below our means. Ironically (or not), we feel less burdened by not having stuff or having to maintain stuff, or thinking that we need more stuff!

Funny, I used to be so envious of friends who had beautiful homes with great decor and pretty gardens. That was probably one of my greater aspirations – to own a home. Now I’m so thankful that I was never able to purchase (well, be in debt on) a home. Not buying a home in California allowed me to move to Colorado. And not buying a home in Colorado allowed me to sell most of my belongings and move to Mexico to start a new life.

(I realize my lifestyle may not be the right choice for everyone – and many home owners are very happy – but I’m confident that it is the right choice for us. Besides, isn’t this blog about my experience?)

M. and I moved here with only the items that could fit in (and on!) our cars. There are a few small things I would like to have that I got rid of … like an electric hand mixer and a waffle maker … but really, I can buy them again for cheap! And as far as the list above goes, well, I’m just learning to live without those things. Honestly, we aren’t without most of the modern and material conveniences anyway. Hot running water, a comfy home to live in, a pool in our backyard, plenty of restaurants, our cars, lots of clothing stores (that I haven’t shopped in) and even a Walmart (that I shop often in!) … and more.

Now, concerning people … I’m thankful for planes, buses, and automobiles that get me back to my family and friends for visits a couple (or more!) times a year.

So, after running away from many of the comforts of “home,” I have discovered that I am quite content without them.

I think my soul is becoming a little more free everyday.



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4 responses to “Running away from ‘Comforts’

  1. Matt

    I see your dude insisted on taking the mo’bike. Goooood call. Oh – and my hand mixer is a MUST – had it in 3 countries now. Fresh fruit can be bought in any country, and a Braun hand mixer makes it into smoothies.

  2. Anne

    Having a chronic unpredictable condition has allowed me some of the same revelations. When my hands stopped working, I learned that I was of value for much more than violin, piano, or doing chores. The Lord has graced me with so many gifts – when one or two konk out, I can more greatly appreciate the others.

  3. I find that a lot of “stuff” (be it things or activities) that we accumulate are trappings…in my case to fill a lot of empty space, physically but more so emotionally. In past experiences, when you strip things down to basics and have the necessary friends/family/community to support you, a lot of the “stuff” becomes meaningless and gathers dust. So until I regain that support, I keep gathering my “stuff” around me but rejoice with you that you have been able to shift a lot of yours and get back to basics.

  4. It’s great to see how you are doing. You sound very happy and Having a baby is an amazing thing and your lives will never be the same.

    So glad to hear that you are running and biking and all that stuff. Hey just think I sort of got you started in it back in the old days. I had to quit running because of hip problems. However I didn’t let that stop me from getting out. I now ride a street bike with my daughter Lily riding on the back. I absolutely love it! I also ride the same trail we used to run on (Alis creek trail)

    Got to go my kids are making a mess of the bathroom.

    May God Bless you! Miss you! Bonny

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