Why Mexico?

Why move to Mexico? Well, if you were sitting here looking out my window, you wouldn’t even ask that question!

But, since you’re not, I’ll explain …

Besides the amazing views (the photo above is me sunbathing in our backyard), we chose Mexico for a lot of reasons. Actually, M. (my hubby), chose Mexico before we even met. And I, thankfully, benefited from his brilliant choice!

Top 5 reasons we moved here:

5. To give our kids an overseas experience (and have our own, too!)

4. To get out of the “Rat Race” (which leads to #3)

3. To be able to live off less money than we earn (which leads to #2)

2. To buy a sailboat and learn how to sail (which leads to #1)

1. To travel and recreate our lives!

When M. and I met, he told me about his dream (well, re-dream, really) to move to the west coast of mainland Mexico and buy a sailboat, and to eventually travel throughout the world. I’d never talked to anyone about a cruising lifestyle, so these were all new ideas to me. I told him it sounded fun and I starting asking questions. One thing led to another, and four months later we were talking about marriage and re-dreaming together. (Both of us had gone through divorces.)

Fast forward a couple years and peek through our window. You’ll see two very happy people that are enjoying a simpler lifestyle. We are nearly debt free and will own a 39′ Irwin Citation sailboat in one month (which means future blogs about our adventures).

Most of all, we have made wonderful friends and have had amazing experiences together – isn’t that what life is about?!




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7 responses to “Why Mexico?

  1. Matt

    Hey there… Glad to see you guys are all settled in and huge congrats on the baby on the way!!

    Can you make a blog post that covers your expenses to live in Sonora? As well as what that gets you house wise etc?

    That would be extremely helpful…

    I’m planning on doing the same thing with my girlfriend but were choosing Ecuador instead of Mexico.


    • Hi Matt! I’m glad to hear you’ll be breaking out soon! I will definitely post on our expenses – and I’ll try to do it this week. If you sign up for a subscription (on my sidebar), you’ll get notified of when I post. I’d love to hear more about Ecuador, too.

    • Matt, did you read my blogs about our expenses? I wrote two … What does it cost, really? – Pt. 1 & 2. I hope these help answer your questions!

  2. Jan Ambrose

    I love your blog Clara. We all benefit from our past lives. I wish all happiness and good things. Keep writing!

  3. Anne

    Thank you, Clara. I am fascinated by your story. My life is transforming as well – but we haven’t moved beyond Woodland Park.
    I remember you were eating a live food diet and struggling with health back a couple years ago. Could you talk about that transformation?
    God bless you, Clara.

  4. Tim

    Awesome Clara! God is good; and God is faithful. Very happy for you!

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